pastor olsenGreetings Favored One!

This is the way the Angel Gabriel greets Mary at The Annunciation. When she hears these beautiful words she is filled with joy. In this greeting Mary knows she is important to God and that God cherishes her!

Here at Good Shepherd School we welcome all of our young students in the same way. We want each and every child of God that passes through our doors to know in their heart that God cherishes them. Our school administrators and educators are special angels of the Lord who are committed to living, loving and sharing Christ.

I have the honor and privilege of serving as the pastor of the church and school, and I would like for you and your family to consider me your pastor and Good Shepherd your parish. If you already have a faith community that you call home, then please consider this your home away from home; but if you are searching for a place to call home… welcome home!

Here at Good Shepherd you will find plenty of opportunities for worship, fellowship, service, and Christian education. If you have any questions or if you would like to know more about this exciting faith family, I would love to speak with you. In the event of a lifecycle emergency, I am available to provide pastoral support any time day or night. My cell phone is (716) 352-0055.

May you always know that God favors and loves you!

Yours in Christ,

Pastor Eric Olaf Olsen

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