April 2016 Director’s Column

Spring is here! Spring could have so many meanings! In the spring we think of soft fluffy bunnies, chirping birds, flowers growing, green grass, sun and warm weather. It is a fresh start. During Easter Jesus died for us; he forgives us so we may start anew.
Many new things happening are happening right here at Good Shepherd Lutheran School. We have moved the toddler bunnies class from the small room number eight to the larger room number seven. Not only will our toddlers now have a classroom with a bathroom, a changing table for diapering, and cots for napping, but they will also be able to stay in the building longer! Your two year old child can grow and blossom right here at Good Shepherd!

Additionally, Good Shepherd is making changes to room number eight. This room will become the infant room called Little Lambs. It will accommodate infants from six weeks to eighteen months. We have been listening to what you have been asking for.
This is as exciting for us as it is for you, and it will all begin this coming September!.
Our beautiful playground will have a chain-link fences added, giving the little children a safe place to play in. A shade canopy will also be added. This will be the last phase of the playground revitalization project. Thank you to all the parents who supported our fundraising initiatives. Your generosity has borne its rewards.

Good Shepherd has listened to all the parents asking for an awesome, fun, faith-filled summer program for older children as well. This summer, you will be able to drop off all your children at one summer program as we will be accommodating ages 3-12 year olds! We have many flexible options for you as well.

Yes, spring has sprung right here at Good Shepherd Lutheran School! Please help us spread the word about these new programs throughout our community. Tell a friend, neighbor or family member about our high-quality school. You are our family, and your word is the helpful way to spread the good news of Good Shepherd. Please consider posting a favorable review on our Facebook page as well. We are forever grateful.
Let’s make Good Shepherd Lutheran School grow into the best it can be this spring!

Praise be to God, Alleluia!

Stephanie Brienza
School Director

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