June 2015 Director’s Column

Dear Friends & Families of our Good Shepherd Little Lambs,

Every day, I open the front doors to let our Good Shepherd children, parents, and staff into school. I smile; say a quick hello; and maybe even get a high-five from a student. This warms my heart. I am learning all the children’s names as well as all the parents. My smile and hello is making an impact on these children and family’s lives. I think to myself how lucky I am to be here. How blessed I am to be in this Christ-centered environment. How thankful I am to be a part of this ever-growing ministry.

After the children walk to their classrooms I walk to my office, and I begin to work. I work for these children and their families; I think what else I can do to impact their lives. It only drives me to do more, help more, and do the best I can.

During this time, I am learning what is needed for the school to run efficiently on a daily basis, how to balance time, return calls back to parents or speak with a teacher about something happening in their classrooms, order materials and more. How to be the best I can be, for you, “The Good Shepherd Family.”

This past month has been full of transition, trial, and learning. I am blessed to grow with all of you. I am so incredibly grateful to have this opportunity and strive for excellence. I cannot reiterate enough; please come to me; talk to me; I am here for you and for your child.

God’s blessing to all of you,

Stephanie M. Brienza
School Director

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