October 2016 Director’s Column

Dear Family & Friends of Good Shepherd School:

Even though it is 2016, fifty-two years later, the times are still “a-changin’” as in Bob Dylan’s song, just as the leaves are still “a-fallin’” as they do every October. Before long we are going to have beautiful blankets of colors on the ground as well as gold, orange and red leaves on the trees, all a reminder of God’s wonderful art show that happens each and every October.

As all adults know, change of any kind is difficult. Just because something has “always been so” doesn’t make it correct. Hopefully the winds of change that are blowing through the school and are perhaps knocking some leaves off the walls will be seen as positive, just as they are meant to be. It is no surprise that children are much more adaptable to change. I see this for sure each time I go in to teach a music class and see children willing to embrace anything I tell them or ready to sing anything I present. I would not want to change a thing about my music classes; as usual, we adults have a lot to learn from the children.

As far as the other “special” classes, I hear good reports from both teachers and parents. Children have been learning about soccer in sports, about circles and wheels in S.T.E.M. and have been making school buses in art. We have been working on the “Baa, Baa” song in music, which will be a surprise for the Advent Liturgies.

Besides leaves, October is about pumpkins; and everyone is excited about the trip to Schmitt’s Farm on Wednesday, October 19th with a rain date of Wednesday, October 26th. The nursery and pre-k children will ride a tractor-drawn wagon and stop to pick a pumpkin and a vegetable. At the end of the ride is a huge playground! We will not close the school for this trip since Bunnies (toddlers) and Little Lambs (infants) will not be attending. Pumpkin picking will be the order of the day for them also and Bunnies and Little Lambs will have their own “pumpkin patch” near the cottages as they “pick” their pumpkins. It will be a fun day for everyone!

Please plan on coming to the school Open House on October 16th at 12:00 p.m. after church. We would like to “Show-off” our Little Lambs” infant room, so if you have a friend or relative who may be considering this licensed, daycare option, please be sure to bring them to see this beautiful

We ask that you continue to keep the staff and school families in your prayers.

Peace and Blessings,

Teresa Ratkowski

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