After School Enrichment Programs

Enrichment Programs in Plainview, NY

Enrichment programs offer opportunities for children to develop experience in areas of interest in small group settings. These programs are offered after normal class hours at 3 PM every day during the week except for Friday. Classes are taught by teachers with specific skill sets for these activities.

Our Plainview school offers three premier programs for after-school enrichment:

  • Amazing Athletes
  • Soccer Shots
  • Peewee Pros

Amazing Athletes

Amazing Athletes is a multi-sport program for children to explore various different sports activities. This is a program that helps ensure that children develop a desire to remain active outdoors. Building beneficial habits early on is an invaluable attribute to children’s development.

Soccer Shots

Soccer Shots is a program in which children learn and enhance their soccer skills. It’s a high energy program introducing children to soccer principles through fun games, songs, and continuous positive reinforcement. Children will begin to experience the joy of playing soccer and physically fit at a young age.

Peewee Pros

Peewee pros is a program that teaches fundamental movement skills, physical activities, and basic knowledge for everyday sports. Boppercise is a high energy enrichment program, that is designed for children to enjoy lively, on-your-feet fitness party at each session. Each session adds spark, creativity, and exploration of movements.

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