Nursery Program

Nursery School Programs in Plainview, NY

Good Shepherd Lutheran School provides developmentally appropriate programs for 3 year olds designed to:
Nursery School | Nursery Education | Plainview NY | Hicksville | Bethpage

  • Enhance learning in language development, letter and number recognition and development of motor skills
  • Stimulate interaction between children and their peers
  • Introduce structure of a school environment to establish independence
  • Build relationships between children and adults
  • Prepare the child for the following year’s program
  • Introduce children to Jesus Christ

Children are active learners. We use flexible teaching materials and hands-on activities to enhance learning in language development, letter and number recognition, and development of motor skills. Play is also an important medium for children’s social, emotional and cognitive development. First-hand experiences and opportunities for social interaction, physical observation and questioning are integrated into all domains.

Nursery School Program Curriculum

Nursery School | Nursery Education | Plainview NY | Hicksville | Bethpage

  • Learn colors: red, blue, yellow, green, orange, purple, brown, black
  • Recognize shapes: circle, square, triangle, rectangle, diamond, oval
  • Review opposites: in/out, up/down, big/little, open/closed, near/far, front/back, same/different
  • Engage in various activities to reinforce concepts learned
  • Recognize and count numbers zero to ten through one to one correspondents
  • Engage in letter recognition using Handwriting without Tears
  • Recognize own name in print
  • Practice auditory discrimination in rhyming words
  • Explore technology in the classroom (using Smart Table and iPads)
  • Practice hands on exploration in the science center(fruits, vegetables and plants)


  • Community Helpers: children role play various helper roles including: fireman, librarian, dentist, letter carrier, doctor, nurse, policeman
  • Science: topics include: my body, life cycle (plants, butterflies, frogs), food cycle (spring planting-fall harvest)
  • Farm Animals:children learn many aspects of various animals


  • Main concepts: Jesus loves us and takes care of us, God made us and the world
  • Bible Stories: Old Testament and New Testament
  • Christmas and Easter
  • Monthly Missions

Field Trips

Nursery School | Nursery Education | Plainview NY | Hicksville | Bethpage

  • Fall: teachers and parents join children at the pumpkin farm for fall fun!
  • Spring: teachers and parents join children at a Children’s Theater for a live performance!


  • Pumpkin Party: in class
  • Thanksgiving: Thanks Gathering for parents
  • Advent: children perform in a concert
  • Christmas: party in class with parents
  • Valentine’s Day: party in class and a dance at night
  • Easter: party in class
  • Year-end Recognition: concert program for parents
  • Year-end Party: with parents

Nursery School Plainview | Hicksville
Children enrolling in nursery school programs each year must be 3 years of age by December 31. Our staff to student ratio is 1:7 with a maximum of 18 children in the class.


Half-Day: 9:00 – 12:00 pm
(3,4, and 5 day options available)

Full-Day: 9:00am – 3:00 pm
(3,4, and 5 day options available)

Please contact us today to learn more about our nursery school program in Plainview!

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