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Special School Programs in Plainview, NY

Besides focusing on age-appropriate literacy and math skills, we are pleased to offer many special programs at our school. All children participate in sports activities daily including relay races, soccer, obstacle courses, and basketball. Each child is encouraged to learn the importance of moving and physical activity. Children will participate either outdoors when weather permits, or indoors in our spacious gym. Sports and physical activities are crucial for teaching the concepts of working as a team and interacting appropriately with each other.

Children have music at least one per week and they enjoy singing and playing musical instruments. They also learn basic music skills, including rhythm and beats, dynamics, melodies, and music history.

Each class has a special S.T.E.A.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics) program one time per week. Our mobile SMART table is on hand during these activities to encourage and foster growth and reinforce the STEAM concept being explored. Children also do many hands-on experiments with an array of objects to explore theories and to learn how things work.

Children have art daily where they practice fine motor skills and create many masterpieces. Teachers incorporate art into every seasonal theme and our hallways abound with stunning artwork created by the children of Good Shepherd Lutheran School.

Creative movement is another program in which all children develop their gross motor skills by using steps, balls, scarves, and many other manipulatives. Music is also used that keeps them moving in a structured direction. They develop physical skills, channel their energy, stimulate imagination, and provoke creativity.

The most wonderful part of all is that every child is different, therefore all children will learn and process motions, actions, coordination and various gross motor skills at their own pace.

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